News from the 2017 NCAA Convention

Representatives from colleges and universities across all three divisions of the NCAA met at the recent NCAA Convention to discuss concepts for change and specific proposed legislated changes to the NCAA rules in various topic areas.

In this article, I’ll highlight the rule changes that are in effect immediately, and in upcoming newsletters, I’ll write about other approved changes that won’t take effect until August 2017 or in some cases August 2018. 

The only approved proposals that had an immediate effective date were in Division III.

  • The first impacts only Division III athletes in track and field, and also in swimming and diving.  With this change, coaches can have more flexibility in scheduling their practices for their athletes because they can set different “off days” for various events within those sports.  Previously, the mandatory one day off per week from any required athletic activity had to be the same day for every student-athlete on those teams.
  • The other immediate change deregulates the Division III rules regarding camps and clinics, as well as tryouts.  Previously, Division III coaches were prohibited from conducting tryouts on their campuses, and camps and clinics were required to include instructional components.  Coaches will now have more opportunities to evaluate recruits on campus through showcase events and similar activities, provided the activities are open to any prospect who desires to participate, and as long as recruits are not offered free or reduced admission to such events.

We will be covering NCAA Division I rule changes in our weekly newsletter and future website posts.  If you’d like First Notice of the new rules, click Be in the Know in our navigation bar under the Informed Athlete header.

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