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25+ years NCAA Rules Expertise, including Director of Compliance at 2 major DI schools

Former President of National Association for Athletic Compliance (NAAC)

Conducts compliance reviews and audits at NCAA Schools throughout the U.S.

Consulted with NAIA schools transitioning to NCAA membership status

Dad of a DI & DII student-athlete

NCAA Division III Rule Changes

While all of the media attention on the recent NCAA Convention centered around rule changes regarding scholarships for Division I athletes, the following rule changes were also approved at the Convention which will effect recruiting by Division III colleges: Effective … Read More

NCAA DI Rule Changes for 2015-16

At the recent 2015 NCAA Convention, which was held near Washington, DC, voting representatives for Division I institutions approved two legislative proposals which drew much attention, and which will significantly impact Division I student-athletes, especially those receiving full athletic scholarships. … Read More

NCAA Rules on Outside Scholarships

For high school student-athletes who plan to play a sport at an NCAA Division I or II university, it’s important to remember some key points if you receive a scholarship from your high school, local civic club, parent’s employer, or … Read More

NCAA Walk-on Transfer Rules for Division I Sports

Some of you may be aware that athletes transferring to an NCAA Division I program from another four-year college are required to attend the Division I university for one year as a full-time student before they are eligible for competition, … Read More

What is the NCAA sliding scale?

To be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship, and to be able to practice and compete, an athlete who will be enrolling at an NCAA Division I school as a freshman must be certified as a Qualifier by the NCAA … Read More

Commonly used NCAA terms that cause confusion!

Rick Allen explains how college athletic teams assign high school and college athletes designations such as “red shirt athlete,” “gray shirt athlete,” “green shirt athlete,” and “blue shirt athlete” as part of their recruiting and eligibility strategy. Understanding what these terms mean and understanding how they are used is especially beneficial to high school athletes who are being actively recruited. Read More

NCAA Transfers – Common Mistakes

Rick Allen, Co-Founder

Here are two recent examples of how NOT to approach the transfer process: In one case, the parent of a student-athlete sent out e-mails to other schools stating that their child was considering a transfer from School A.  Some of … Read More