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NCAA Football Spring Evaluation News to Know!

Friday April 15 was the first day that NCAA Division I and II football coaches were permitted to visit high schools and junior colleges for the Spring “Evaluation Period.” The dates that college coaches will be making these “evaluation” visits … Read More

Visiting college campuses this spring?

This Guide is a “must read” before you visit campus!  Making the decision about which college to attend is extremely important and can have major financial and emotional implications for many years. Over the past several years of advising student-athletes … Read More

NCAA Division II Rule Changes from NCAA Convention

NCAA Division II college and university representatives approved rule changes at the recent NCAA Convention. Key changes that will impact Division II student-athletes include: Effective this Fall, any person designated by a Division II athletic program as the school’s strength … Read More

NCAA Division III Celebratory Signing Form

I’ve recently been contacted by a few high school seniors and/or their parents regarding the opportunity to participate in “signing day” ceremonies if they’ve been accepted for admission to a Division III college. The NCAA has approved the use of … Read More

Are you visiting a college campus soon?

Over the past several years of advising student-athletes and their parents, we have learned that most do not adequately prepare for their campus visits and make decisions they later come to regret. With Informed Athlete’s Comprehensive Guide to Campus Visits, … Read More

Eligibility Reminders for College Athletes

Current Division I and II athletes are required to have earned at least 6 credit hours during the fall semester (or quarter) in order to be eligible for the spring semester (or winter quarter). In the sport of Division I … Read More