NCAA Freshman Academic Eligibility & Transcript Reviews

If you’re a high school athlete or parent of a high school athlete who graduated in 2016 or after, it’s important to know that the NCAA Division I eligibility requirements have changed.

Are you confident that your son or daughter meets, or will meet the new academic requirements?

Many high school athletes fall through the cracks and don’t meet the academic requirements to be a “Qualifier” because they weren’t planning early enough in high school, or due to inadequate advice regarding college athletic eligibility.

According to an NCAA staff member presenting at a recent seminar, the average high school counselor has 700 students that they are responsible for – they can’t help everyone.

What happens if an athlete is not certified as a “Qualifier” for Division I eligibility?

If an athlete doesn’t meet the NCAA Division I requirements for freshman eligibility because they didn’t take the required core courses, or don’t have the necessary GPA, SAT or ACT test score, the athlete:

  • Cannot receive an athletic scholarship during their freshman year unless the requirements for “Academic Redshirt” are met.
  • Will NOT be eligible to practice with the team during their freshman year.
  • Will not be eligible to practice with the team or attend weight training with their team.

In addition, if an athlete goes to a JUCO their freshman year as a non-qualifier, they:

  • Will NOT be eligible to transfer to a Division I program after just one year.
  • Will have more extensive academic requirements at the JUCO to be immediately eligible upon transfer to a Division I program (more required junior college courses).

Rick Allen -- Informed Athlete

Don’t be on the Outside Looking In!

The hardest thing I had to do when I worked on campus was tell an athlete they weren’t eligible to play their sport because they hadn’t met the core course requirements for eligibility!

This is why we created Informed Athlete’s Freshman Eligibility & Transcript Review service so we can help high school athletes and parents be better informed and prepared without unpleasant surprises!



 With a Freshman Eligibility and Transcript Review, we will:

  • Explain the freshman eligibility requirements and how they affect your athlete.
  • Compare the courses completed with the courses approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Provide a written assessment of the subjects that need to be completed to satisfy initial eligibility requirements.
  • Review your ACT or SAT test scores, and determine the GPA that will be needed for eligibility, and
  • Suggest steps and discuss a plan of action that may be available to satisfy the eligibility requirements.

Informed Athlete's Freshmen Eligibility Transcript Review - Revised (2)

What is the cost and what will I get with this service package?

The cost for this service is $250 and includes:

  • A 15-20 minute initial consult with me to gather some basic info on your athlete.
  • A detailed written report of the Transcript Review and Assessment completed by a Division I Academic Eligibility Specialist with over 20-years of on-campus experience.
  • A follow-up 30 minute consult with me to review and discuss the results and a plan of action if needed.

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If you have questions about this service, contact Informed Athlete by calling us at 913-766-1235 or sending an email to me: