NCAA Transfer or Scholarship Appeals

When your athlete has been denied permission to contact another college about a transfer, denied their right to the One-Time Transfer Exception, or has had their scholarship reduced or not renewed for the upcoming year, they are entitled to an appeal hearing before a committee on their campus.

In these situations, we explain the athlete’s rights to appeal, and guide them through the appeal process, including the review and editing of appeal letters or talking points, and coaching them prior to the appeal hearing.

“With your consultation and knowledge, our son was able to speak confidently during the meeting with his coach about the rules and the options available to him.

Furthermore, he also set up a meeting with the Compliance office in order to get the necessary release and documents to contact other D-1 schools and begin the transfer process. As you mentioned, the only request the head coach made after much discussion was for him not to contact schools in the conference.

Your consultation services have been very valuable and reassuring. With your help, our son was able to confidently discuss the situation with knowledge of the rules and the options available to him. The NCAA rules and regulations are clear and available to everyone, but somewhat complicated.

Thanks Rick for being available to discuss his situation and providing advice on how best to proceed in order to get the most favorable outcome.”

Parent of a DI Baseball Transfer Athlete

If you need advice and assistance with a transfer situation or scholarship appeal, contact Informed Athlete at 913-766-1235 or send an email to