NCAA Waivers for Student-Athletes

Sometimes, an athlete’s particular circumstances may appear to be appropriate for a waiver of the NCAA rules.

We’ll discuss if your athlete qualifies for an athletic waiver and if so, we can prepare and draft waivers that schools may be reluctant or unable to prepare due to a lack of time, experience, or manpower.

The 2 most common types of waivers we prepare include NCAA Medical Hardship and NCAA Extension of Eligibility Waivers.  Another less-common waiver is the NCAA Initial Eligibility Waiver.


“My Son, Will James, was a starter on the South Dakota State Wrestling team when he suffered a season ending knee injury in the first match of his Senior season.   Will had also lost a year to a shoulder injury during his Sophomore season in the first match of the year. 

We contacted Rick Allen at informed and Rick immediately gave us a recommendation that Will should be eligible for a Medical waiver. Rick asked for all documentation related to the injuries and put together a presentation for the NCAA committee. 

We were thrilled when Will was awarded an additional year of wrestling after graduation from South Dakota State University.  Will received a scholarship to continue his college wrestling career while starting Graduate School at Belmont Abbey College.  He went on to record his second Academic All-American selection, finished 5th at the NCAA Super Regional Tournament and was team Captain for the Belmont Abbey wrestling team.”

Bill James
Charleston, SC

*Will James has completed his college athletic eligibility.

If you are interested in learning whether your student-athlete qualifies for an NCAA waiver, contact us at 913-766-1235 or send an email to