Personal Advice

If you need answers to your questions from an experienced professional with over 25-years experience hands-on experience working with the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA compliance rules, we offer affordable fee-based options for you.  You can be assured that the information and advice you receive is accurate.

  • When you need quick, simple answers to concise questions, we offer fee-based confidential E-Consults where Rick Allen answers your questions via email within 24 hours.

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  • When answers to your questions require more information and are more complex, we offer fee-based confidential personalized consultations with Rick Allen via phone or conference call if both parents and athlete will be involved in the consult.

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  • Ask Rick Answer Center where you can find answers in a Q&A Library AND submit your questions via a special members only webform.  Located in Informed Athlete University – our new Resource & Learning Center. 

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Some of the topics we typically discuss include:

  • Prior to a recruiting visit – The specific questions you should ask coaches, academic advisors,etc. during a recruiting visit.
  • After a recruiting visit – Review visit and answer questions on offers and scholarships.
  • Medical Red-shirt Issues – Your student-athlete is injured and you need advice on things to consider and how it affects your son or daughter’s athletic scholarship.
  • Eligibility issues related to any questions you have regarding your son or daughter’s specific academic or athletic situation.
  • Your rights in the Transfer Process including specific steps to take and what to say if the athlete wants to transfer or if scholarships aren’t renewed.
  • Waivers including Medical Hardship and Transfer Waivers – We answer your questions and can assist in the preparation of the waiver.
  • Any other situation that you need objective and expert advice related to athletic, academic, scholarship, transfer, and recruiting issues.