How to Actively Achieve Your Goals


Ryan Allen

I think it is important for each individual to have a specific set of goals in what they hope to achieve.

In order for you to achieve success in your sport, or anything in life, you must know HOW you are going to achieve it.

It is important to focus on the moment at hand on a consistent basis to achieve long-term goals and purposes.

If you want to establish a fun environment in sport, you must find a way to make sure that you’re providing a fun environment on a daily basis.  The same goes for any other objective that you seek to achieve.  You can’t simply say that you want to establish a purpose on the first day of practice, and then put it in the back of your mind for a few weeks.  You must make a conscious effort to let your actions correlate with what you want to accomplish.

Our daily activities become our habits, and it is our job to make sure that our daily habits reflect our values and beliefs.

To me, two of the many purposes of sport are discipline and determination.  I believe that these two aspects are exactly how we all achieve our goals.  Certainly, there are differing circumstances with each individual which can lead to, or prevent, success.  But, in examining the things that are within each individual’s control, discipline and determination are constants.

Almost nothing done in sports is instinctual.  But, all athletes train tirelessly to try and make their actions seem as though they are instinctual.  A pitcher does not have a natural instinct to cover first base when a ground ball is hit to his first baseman.  But through repetitive practice and training, we make it become as instinctual as we possibly can.

It can be easy for each and every athlete to only focus on what they want to accomplish one year, two years, or even three years down the road.

But, in order for each athlete to achieve what they want to in that time span, they must first set a series of attainable short-term goals that will allow them to build up to their ultimate goal.

In talking about short-term goals, I believe that one can even benefit from setting daily goals.  This includes wanting to get something accomplished on each day and at every practice.

If you are a baseball pitcher, don’t be satisfied with improving your pick off move by the end of the week.  Improve your pick off move today, and then improve it again tomorrow.  By the end of the week, your pick off move will be that much better than if you had put off a goal that could be accomplished immediately.

In making our habits and actions as instinctual as we possibly can, we put ourselves in position to react and adjust to anything that is thrown our way.

Failure is a part of sport, and a part of life.  All of us will encounter it many times.  When failure occurs, we must find our own way to get back into a successful mindset.

The way that we can quickly reacquire the feeling of success is by trusting in our routine and letting that push us through our failures and setbacks.  But, in order to rely on our routine, we must first establish one.  It must be one that we trust and believe in to put us in the best position to succeed.  The rollercoaster of emotions that occur in sport can be difficult to overcome if we try to react separately to each situation.  But, in creating a constant, positive reaction to failure, we establish consistent success.

For all of us, talking about doing a task is much easier than actually doing that task. 

We can all talk about what we want to accomplish with sport.  But, none of that will carry any weight unless we are willing to take the necessary steps to put it into action.

In order to accomplish our goals you must actively set yourself up to become not just a creature of habit, but a creature of positive habit.  By that, I mean that we must become regimented in habits that will allow us to fulfill our established goals and purposes.



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2 Responses to How to Actively Achieve Your Goals

  • Rich Ciufo

    Hello Ryan,
    I am a former college player (Lynn University, Boca Raton, Fl) and currently coach a 12u travel team on Long Island. This article is fantastic and I always talk about how baseball teaches the kids about life because you’re going to fail in baseball and it’s how you react to that failure that will determine your success (just like in life). I wanted to get your approval to put your article on my website ( for people to read. I will include your name and a little about you as an introduction to the article. I also plan to send the article to the kids that I coach.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Rich Ciufo

    • Informed Athlete Ryan Allen

      Hi Rich,
      You are more than welcome to use my article in the way you indicated. I appreciate your asking permission and am honored that you wish to use this article to benefit your kids. If you have other specific topics that you think could help your kids, then please let me know. I’ve added some basic information about myself and ask that you include a link back to our website –
      Best of luck to you & thanks again!
      Ryan Allen
      B.S. Business Administration – University of Missouri
      M.Ed. Health Education and Promotion: Emphasis in Sports Psychology – University of Missouri (currently pursuing)
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      1 year Student-Athlete at the University of Central Missouri (Pitched in 2010 D2 World Series at USA Baseball facility in Cary, NC)

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