How to Get the Most Out of Summer Ball

With the season again ending for more teams over the weekend and summer ball fast approaching for some players, and already underway for most, it is important for each player to have a plan in place to get something accomplished in preparation for their return to school in August.

Summer can be vital for any baseball player’s development as it is the one time of year where each player can focus completely and solely on baseball on a daily basis.

While it is always important for each player to play within the team concept and to help the team win on a daily basis, this is a point in the year where each player needs to put his own development as the number one priority.

This is especially true for any young player who has redshirted, or simply not played many innings throughout the year.  After all, that is the reason for coaches sending players to summer leagues in the first place.

Every player can benefit by going into summer ball with a plan in place for what they want to accomplish in those two short months.

Go to the park everyday with a purpose to somehow improve your game, as each little piece leads to an overall big improvement.

I don’t want players to think that they need to drive themselves nuts in trying to improve either.
By all means, have fun with your teammates.  Hang out, socialize, do the whole nine, since after all, developing a relationship with your teammates is just as important as any drill.

But keep in mind, the real reason and purpose in your being there.  Again, this is only two short months, and it’s up to each athlete to make them matter.

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