Informed Athlete Can Answer Freshman Eligibility Questions & Provide Transcript Reviews

If you have questions about the changing freshman eligibility requirements, or would be interested in our review of your transcript, contact us for a fee-based consultation.

With a high school transcript review, we will:

  • Discuss and explain the changing NCAA eligibility requirements, (Division II changes effective for 2018 HS grads, in addition to the Division I changes noted above)
  • Compare the courses you’ve taken with your high school’s “core course” listing,
  • Inform you of the subjects that need to be completed to satisfy initial (freshman) eligibility requirements,
  • Assess your ACT or SAT test scores, and determine the GPA that will be needed for eligibility, and
  • Suggest steps that may be available to satisfy the eligibility requirements (such as online or summer courses), or other options that may be available (NAIA or JUCO).

For more information or to schedule your transcript review, please call me at 913-766-1235

About Rick Allen

25+ years NCAA Rules Expertise, including Director of Compliance at 2 major DI schools

Former President of National Association for Athletic Compliance (NAAC)

Conducts compliance reviews and audits at NCAA Schools throughout the U.S.

Consulted with NAIA schools transitioning to NCAA membership status

Dad of a DI & DII student-athlete

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