College Recruiting – The Importance of July 1st

For high school athletes in many sports who are upcoming seniors, July 1 is an important date.

July 1 is the date when it is permissible for coaches in most NCAA Division I sports to begin to have off-campus face-to-face contact with high school recruits who will be entering their senior year.  July 1 is also the date in most sports when once-per-week phone calls to high school upcoming seniors are permissible as well.

For those athletes who are fortunate to receive recruiting interest at this time of year, enjoy the attention and be sure to ask a lot of questions.  Remember that you should be evaluating the coaches and the schools just as much as they have been evaluating you.

For those athletes who do not receive a recruiting phone call, or a visit by a college coach to your home, on July 1 or within a few days of this “special date,” don’t panic and get stressed out.  There is still plenty of time to be recruited and plenty of opportunities for you to be seen.  You may not be recruited by your first choice of schools, but there are plenty of other schools to choose from.

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4 Responses to College Recruiting – The Importance of July 1st

  • Jeannine

    Hello Rick. Are you aware of any time when a private university that claims to provide “need-based only” grants has provided additional funds to woo a very heavily recruited athlete? This athlete is being recruited by the top public universities in the sport and several in the Ivy League as well (because of grades and test scores), and is unlikely to qualify for enough need-based aid to attend the private institutions. Have you heard of any instances where the private institutions haves increased academic or other grants (since they don’t provide true athletic scholarships or grants)in order to compete with the public institutions’ packages?

    I would appreciate any insight you can provide. Thank you.

    • Jeannine,

      I’m not aware of a specific situation in which that has occurred, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.


  • Cesar

    Can a graduating HS senior participate in summer collegiate baseball league prior to commencing classes at the division 1 school he received a scholarship to.

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