Visiting college campuses this spring?

This Guide is a “must read” before you visit campus! 

Campus visits Sept. 2015 coverMaking the decision about which college to attend is extremely important and can have major financial and emotional implications for many years.

Over the past several years of advising student-athletes and their parents, we have learned that many do not prepare adequately or at all for the campus visits and then make decisions they later come to regret.

A little known fact is that once an athlete joins an athletic team at a four-year college, they must have “permission to contact” before a coach at another NCAA school can talk with them or their parents about a possible transfer.

At Informed Athlete, we believe that if athletes and parents were better prepared for visiting campuses and choosing a school, there might not be as many transfer situations.

  • In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the differences between official and unofficial visits and the NCAA rules that govern both.
  • You’ll also learn insider secrets about what to look for with regard to the coaching staff, facilities, academics, campus, teammates.
  • AND, you’ll receive a list of questions that you should ask while you’re on campus.Click here to get your copy!

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25+ years NCAA Rules Expertise, including Director of Compliance at 2 major DI schools

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