NCAA Convention 2017: Key Division III Proposals

A few weeks back we shared a couple of NCAA D III rule changes which took effect immediately.  This week, we’ll look at three other proposals considered by Division III member schools at the 2017 NCAA Convention in January. 

Effective August 1, 2017:

  • A Division III athlete will be able to accept a scholarship from an entity or organization (such as a church, civic club, or business in their hometown) based on their athletic ability, participation or performance as long as the athlete’s choice of institution is not limited to specific institution.  (Under the current Division III rule, such a scholarship may not place ANY restrictions on the athlete’s choice of institution, so an athlete could not accept a scholarship of this type even if they could use it at any college within their state, for example, but not outside their state.)
  • Division III colleges will be required to establish a structure in which team doctors and athletic trainers have unchallengable authority to determine injury treatment and “return to play” decisions.  Colleges must also designate an athletics health care administrator to oversee health care delivery and management.

The most hotly debated proposal considered by Division III would have permitted an athlete to compete at ANY Division III college as a graduate student or while pursuing a second baccalaureate degree, provided the athlete had a season of eligibility remaining within their 10-semester or 15-quarter participation period.

Because that proposal was defeated (by more than 100 votes), athletes at Division III will still be restricted to competing as a graduate student or while pursuing a second baccalaureate degree only if they attended the same college as an undergraduate.

When you have questions about how you or your athlete may be impacted by these changes in Division III rules, you’re welcome to contact us at 913-766-1235 or at

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