NCAA Division I Rule Changes Voted in at 2017 Convention

At the recent NCAA Convention, Division I representatives voted in the following changes:

Item 1:  Effectively immediately, Division I universities can pay for the actual and necessary expenses incurred by student-athletes for participation in specific elite championship events, such as World Cup events, Pan American Games, and Olympic competition.

Item 2:  Starting next Fall, Division I athletes will have fewer time demands imposed on them by coaches due to the following changes which will:

  • Require one day off per week during preseason and vacation practice periods when classes are not in session
  • Require a 7-day break after a season ends and 14 additional days off during the school year when classes are in session (with limited activities possible on those off days)
  • Prohibit athletically-related activities during an 8-hour period between 9 PM and 6 AM (with exceptions for travel departures and returns)
  • Require universities to create a time-management plan for each sport and annually review those plans

While these rule changes are intended to reduce the time that an athlete is required to commit to their sport, there certainly will be some coaches who will strongly encourage their athletes to “voluntarily” work out during those days off if they want to maintain their spot in the lineup.  

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