NCAA Division II Rule Changes from NCAA Convention

NCAA Division II college and university representatives approved rule changes at the recent NCAA Convention. Key changes that will impact Division II student-athletes include:

  • Effective this Fall, any person designated by a Division II athletic program as the school’s strength and conditioning coach will be required to be certified by a nationally-recognized strength and conditioning organization. If a Division II program doesn’t designate a specific strength and conditioning coach, any person who conducts strength and conditioning sessions outside of a team practice session will require the same certification.
  • Also effective starting this Fall, Division II athletes must be academically and athletically eligible for NCAA competition before they can compete as individuals in “unattached” competition (common in sports such as track and field, and wrestling, as examples). Currently an athlete who may not be eligible for NCAA competition can still participate in “unattached” competition, representing only themselves so that they can continue training and competing in their event.
  • Division II football programs will be allowed this Spring to have athletes participate in up to two hours of individual skill instruction per week. This won’t increase the number of allowed team practices, but will, for example, allow an offensive line coach, or defensive backs coach to work on specific drills with individual athletes.

If you have any questions about any of these NCAA rule changes, contact Rick Allen at 913-766-1235.

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