NCAA National Letter of Intent Signing Period – November 9-16, 2016

Has your athlete been offered a scholarship?

The month of November will bring two key National Letter of Intent signing dates for athletes in all sports other than football and a couple of other selected sports:

November 1, 2016:  All NJCAA sports programs with the exception of football can now sign high school seniors to a Letter of Intent.  Note:  This is a recent change in NJCAA policy.

November 9 – 16, 2016:  NCAA Division I and II athletic programs in sports other than football, soccer, and men’s water polo.

Just a few of the many questions we are frequently asked include:

  • Is a verbal commitment binding? (No)
  • If I sign with an NCAA Division II college and later get an offer from an NCAA Division I, can I sign with them?  (Not unless you get a release from the school you originally signed with).
  • If I sign a National Letter of Intent with a school and my coach is fired, am I automatically released from my NLI?  (No)

Bottom line, make SURE you understand what you are committing to BEFORE you sign. 

We frequently hear from athletes and parents who don’t realize that the NLI is a BINDING contract.  Not understanding what you’re signing can cause serious ramifications and negatively affect an athlete’s eligibility and options if the athlete later decides they made the wrong decision and wants to transfer.

If you have questions about the NLI and what it means for your athlete, we have a few ways to help:

E-Consults – When you need quick, simple answers to concise questions via email.

Personal Consults – When answers to your questions require more information with via a private phone or conference call.

What You Should Know About the National Letter of Intent – Downloadable e-book – Revised & Updated October 2016.


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