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  • Recruiting Through the Eyes of a Coach – Valuable advice from Josh Holliday, a top-level DI Baseball Coach on what college coaches look for when recruiting athletes.
  • Informed Athlete’s Comprehensive Guide to Campus Visits - What to look for, questions to ask when you visit a college campus during official and unofficial visits.

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Your Perfect Game One-Year Membership includes:

Ask Rick Answer Center – This is where you can find answers to your questions by reading our Q&A Library of REAL questions from athletes and parents, along with Rick’s answers. The questions are filed under their relevant categories and include questions like:

  • Do I need to take the SAT/ACT if I’m going to a JUCO? (High School Athletes/Scholarships)
  • What is a financial aid agreement? (High School Athletes/Scholarships)
  • Can I sign an NLI with a DII, get a release and sign another NLI? (High School Athletes/Recruiting)
  • Can I transfer and be immediately eligible? (College Athletes/Waivers)
  • Do I need permission to transfer from a juco to a Division II school? (College Athletes/2-4 Transfers)
  • What are the rules about international students and eligibility? (Foreign Athletes)

Ask Rick a Question: If you don’t find an answer to your particular situation, you can submit a question via a special members webform and Rick will answer directly back via email.

NCAA Recruiting Calendars – are updated monthly and include a cover page with important points for the coming month, two month calendars for all NCAA sanctioned sports, ACT/SAT test dates, definitions of the recruiting periods, plus NJCAA Signing Dates.   Calendars are located on a special page in Membership site and can be immediately downloaded.

Monthly Newsletter – includes news, information, and advice related to relevant topics, along with links to related articles, downloads, and/or Informed Informed Athlete® products.