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Rick Allen, Co-FounderWhen answers to questions require more information and are more complex, we offer confidential personal consultations. Sometimes the personal consultation is directly with a parent or an athlete. Many times our consults are with both parents and the athlete on a private conference call line.

During the call

We’ll discuss your situation, answer any questions and we’ll review the rules that apply to your situation and what is/isn’t permissible. I’ll also give you options as to the opportunities that might be available to your athlete.

I'll also coach your athlete regarding the steps needed to accomplish his/her goals, what to say and how to approach the coach, what the athletes’ rights are in a given situation such as deadlines and appeals if it’s a transfer situation.

If the consult is about recruiting visits, we discuss what to expect on a visit, things to look for and questions to ask during the visit, what is/isn’t permissible on a trip, and after the visits, we discuss offers and negotiations.

Once the consult is set

I’ll have you fill out a consultation questionnaire (or in some cases, we’ll fill it out at the beginning of the call) to provide me with some basic background info that will make the call more efficient for you.


After the call

I typically send you a discussion summary with any documents and/or rules we discussed. If you would like the call recorded for reference, I will send you the audio file so you can review.


Several days after our call, I’ll follow-up with an email to you to see how things are going and ask if you have any clarifying questions.

How much does it cost?

Our consults are $95 per 30 minute session or $150 for a full 1 hour session and include review of your documents with a follow-up email including any rules discussed.

Schedule your Consult

In many cases, we can meet with you when you call or the same day. We also do our best to accommodate your schedule and can meet evenings or weekends as needed.

To schedule your consult, call our office at 913-766-1235 or to schedule online click here:

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