Recruiting 101 – The Importance of Being Seen

If you are a high school baseball player (or any athlete) who hopes to receive a college athletic scholarship, the most important thing you can do is get your name out there. Playing in front of coaches gives yourself a better shot to put your name in that coach’s head.

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Tips to Make Your Season Successful

The arrival of preseason also means that the best time of year is right around the corner. Now is the time that is most crucial for players to become routine regimented, both on the field and in the classroom. Whether … Read More

NCAA Rules – Definition of a Recruited Athlete

How does the NCAA define whether a prospect is considered a recruited athlete? A prospect is considered a recruited athlete if the college takes one of the following actions: If they provide the prospect with an official visit. If they … Read More

NCAA Mid-year Transfer Reminders

It is common for athletes to transfer from one school to another in the middle of the academic year.  Here are some general reminders about midyear transfer situations. 1. Baseball players transferring TO an NCAA Division I program at midyear cannot be … Read More

NCAA Commitments and Signings Getting Out of Hand?

Last week, Seantrel Henderson, one of the top football recruits in the country, flew from his home in Minneapolis to New York to announce his college commitment (University of Southern California) live on the CBS College Sports Network’s National Signing … Read More

NCAA Athletic Scholarships and Transfer Issues

“You need to transfer if you want to get more playing time.”

That’s the last thing that a college athlete wants to hear from his or her coach. Sometimes transfers are initiated by the athlete, but many times they are initiated by the coach.

Throughout the years, I have encountered many different reasons for athlete transfers including coaches moving to another school, athletes wanting to move closer to home, athletes desire to switch schools, or because their scholarship has been reduced or cancelled.

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