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Recruiting 101 – The Importance of Being Seen

If you are a high school baseball player (or any athlete) who hopes to receive a college athletic scholarship, the most important thing you can do is get your name out there. Playing in front of coaches gives yourself a better shot to put your name in that coach’s head.

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  • I had the opportunity to have phone consultations twice with Rick. Once when my sons were considering transferring their freshman year at a D1 college and a second time when they did transfer their junior year. Rick was very prompt to call me after receiving my emails and we were able to get quick and reliable advice.

    Father of 2 college athletes
  • The NCAA rules and regulations are clear and available to everyone, but somewhat complicated. Thanks for being available to discuss our son's situation and providing advice on how best to proceed in order to get the most favorable outcome.

    Parents of DI Transfer Athlete
  • Thank you for your time today, to discuss our son's next steps for eligibility, academics.  We so appreciate your knowledge and expertise in assisting us with what to ask and what to do.

    Parents of Injured Athlete
  • Just want to convey our appreciation for serving as a "reference book" for the past four+ years. From the time that our daughter signed her letter of intent in 2010 until her last collegiate volleyball match in 2014, it has been reassuring to know that your knowledge of NCAA rules/regs was available at any time.

    Mother of a DI Volleyball Athlete
  • We had no idea where to start when our son, a sophomore, became ill and needed to withdraw from his classes and then decided to transfer.  Rick was there for us from the first phone call and explained the procedures which helped us as a family make the best decision for our son.  I highly recommend Rick Allen and Informed Athlete - He knows his stuff!


    Mom of a DI Tennis Athlete
  • Your consultation services have been very valuable and reassuring. With your help, our son was able to confidently discuss the situation with knowledge of the rules and the options available to him during his meeting with the coach.

    Father of DI Transfer Athlete
  • Thanks very much for your guidance.  You provide a great service!

    Dad of a Transfer Athlete
  • Just wanted to let you know that we considered our consultation with you regarding our daughter’s transfer priceless advice.Transferring was one of the most difficult and emotional decisions ever. It was also the best thing - what a difference a new school and team makes!  We are grateful for your guidance and recommend your services to families of young athletes regularly.

    Mom of a DI Gymnast
  • We spoke almost a year ago about our medical redshirt son who left a Division I football program. He ended up at a JUCO where he was able to play and get some good film.  Our son graduated and reported to the new Division I for summer workouts! I just wanted to share our happy ending, and let you know that the information that you provided about the transfer rules was very helpful!

    Mother of a 4-2-4 Transfer Athlete
  • Rick, I cannot tell you how much we appreciated your help in this transfer process!!! You really broke everything down so we could understand what we needed to do and your advice was spot on!!  I don't know if our daughter would have had as much success in transferring without all your assistance!!  We are very grateful!!  We can't say enough good things about your experience and expertise!!

    Mother of a DI Softball Athlete
  • The price of the our phone consultations was a drop in the bucket compared to the potential cost of mistakes made without his guidance. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone needing help navigating the complex rules of college sports no matter what their situation.

    Dad of College Athletes
  • Rick,  I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the information you provided regarding my son and his academic issues.  He has signed to play at an NAIA school this coming year and we would not have known to focus on NAIA without the info you provided.  Thanks again!

    Father of Junior College Baseball Transfer