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Update on Court Injunction Regarding NCAA DI Transfers

The NCAA recently provided updated guidance regarding the December 2023 court injunction that is in place regarding the Division I transfer rules. The court injunction: The recent updated guidance from the NCAA indicates that: However, those athletes will still need to satisfy other transfer eligibility requirements, such as needing to be academically eligible at the time […]

What Student-Athletes Should ask their Compliance Admin Before an NCAA Waiver is Submitted

When an NCAA university is preparing a waiver on your athlete’s behalf to go directly to the NCAA national office, such as an Academic Eligibility or Extension of Eligibility Waiver, it is important to have a candid conversation with the compliance administrator at your athlete’s university prior to the waiver being submitted. One important question […]

NCAA DI Winter Sport Transfer Portal Dates

As Winter sports are winding down, here are the opening and closing Transfer Portal dates for NCAA Division I Winter sport athletes: Men’s Basketball: March 18-May 1Women’s Basketball: March 18-May 1Women’s Bowling: April 3-May 17Fencing: March 19-May 2Men’s Gymnastics: April 16-May 30Women’s Gymnastics: April 1-May 15Men’s Ice Hockey: March 31-May 14Women’s Ice Hockey: March 17-April […]

Redshirt Rules 101

With spring sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse and track starting soon, this is a good time to review the rules if your athlete is considering a redshirt season. NCAA Division I and II If an athlete enters a contest (at the varsity or JV level), even if only for one or two minutes or […]

Will Your High School Athlete be Eligible for NCAA Sports?

Three families recently contacted us because they had just found out that their college freshman athletes aren’t eligible because they didn’t earn 16 “core courses” in high school.  In each of these cases, the athlete had believed or been led to believe that they had enough “core courses” on their high school transcript that would […]