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Financial Aid Reminder – Fill out the FAFSA!

The FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the 2020-21 academic year becomes available on October 1. Should I fill out the FAFSA? Even if you don’t want to complete the FAFSA form – whether you believe you won’t qualify anyway or because your athlete is being offered a substantial athletic scholarship – […]

Legalized Sports Gambling – Don’t Bet on It!

Currently, sports betting is now legal in 13 states with 6 more states reported to begin within the next year. This comes after a 2018 Supreme Court decision to return such control to the states. An NCAA athlete’s participation in sports gambling, or sharing information that can be used by sports gamblers, can result in […]

Consider Consequences Before Transferring from an NCAA Program

Social media and media outlets continue to speculate and report on college athletes who they think might be considering a transfer.  This past week, some student-athletes learned that they weren’t going to be the starter at their position and decided that the “grass is greener” at another university. This time of year, we get many calls […]

“Outside Source” Scholarships – What You Should Know

NCAA Division I and Division II Student-Athletes who receive notice that they have been awarded an “outside source” scholarship, should inform the compliance office at their university to avoid possible financial aid violations. Here’s why: New this year for NCAA Division I – Athletes receiving scholarships from “outside sources” may be limited to accepting no […]

High School Juniors – Recruiting Opportunities in NCAA DI Sports

September 1 of a high school recruit’s junior year “opens the door” for the following recruiting activities in selected NCAA Division I sports: Baseball – Official and unofficial visits and receiving phone calls, text messages, and email or other direct correspondence Women’s Basketball – Receiving phone calls, text messages, and email or other direct correspondence Football – Receiving […]

NCAA D3 Redshirt Rule – What You Should Know!

The “redshirt” rule is quite different for NCAA Division III athletes than it is for NCAA DI and DII student-athletes and can have major consequences if not known or understood. NCAA Division III rules require that an athlete be charged with one of their four “seasons of participation” if they participate in a game or […]