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NCAA Student-Athletes: The Difference Between “Opting-Out” and “Voluntarily Withdrawing”

NCAA scholarship student-athletes who are considering “opting-out” from participating in their sport this year, should make it very clear that they are “opting-out” rather than voluntarily withdrawing from their sport. These two phrases – “Opting-Out” and “Voluntary Withdrawal” mean two different things in NCAA terminology. The NCAA has given student-athletes the right to “Opt-Out” of […]

Is Your Student-Athlete Considering a Mid-Year Transfer?

We’ve recently been contacted by several student-athletes who are considering transferring to another college after this Fall term. In one case, the athlete is looking at a transfer from a two-year college to a four-year college, while the others were considering a transfer from one four-year college to another. It’s very important to know all […]

Confusion Over NCAA DI Recruiting Calendars

Many people have been confused because the NCAA publicly released the Division I recruiting calendars that WOULD be in effect under normal circumstances. A few recruiting websites have posted these Division I recruiting calendars to their social media accounts, which has led to some confusion with athletes, families, and fans who follow those recruiting sites. If […]

NAIA Approves Name, Image and Likeness Legislation

The NAIA has become the first college sports organization to allow student-athletes to receive compensation for the use of their name, image, or likeness. This action takes effect immediately. As a result, an NAIA student-athlete will be permitted to be compensated if they are promoting a local business, providing instruction, signing autographs, or making an […]

NCAA DI to Consider a One-Time Transfer Exception

It’s being reported that the NCAA Division I Council will vote soon on whether to move forward with a proposed One-Time Transfer Exception for ALL Division I student-athletes. IMPORTANT TO KNOW: This action will not be a final vote but will introduce the rule change into the NCAA’s legislative cycle. This new proposal includes a […]

NAIA will proceed with Winter Championships

The NAIA national office recently announced that they “…intend to proceed with our winter championship dates and locations as scheduled.” This decision was based on a survey of NAIA athletic directors and presidents, as well as input from winter host sites. Start dates for winter sport seasons will be left up to the discretion of […]


A Brief Summary of NCAA COVID-Related Waivers

Recently, I participated in a panel discussion via Zoom regarding the various impacts of COVID on college athletics, ranging from eligibility questions to Title IX implications of sports programs being cut due to budget impacts. Here’s a brief summary of the information I shared with participants regarding actions taken and waivers approved by the NCAA: […]