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NCAA 2022 Convention Topics of Interest Affecting DI, DII, and DIII Schools

The annual NCAA Convention was held recently in Indianapolis. While much of the publicity over the last few months regarding the Convention was regarding the work of the Constitution Committee to propose a new draft of the NCAA Constitution, I doubt that work will really impact the day-to-day life of NCAA student-athletes – at least […]


Student-Athletes: Do you have questions about the advice you’re receiving?

Like many organizations, the National Association for Athletic Compliance (NAAC) has an online chat room where members can share ideas and information, and ask their peers for assistance with questions. As a past President and member of NAAC, I keep up with those discussions to stay current with issues and discussions. Recently, the following post […]

NCAA 4-2-4 Transfer Considerations

We’ve been receiving lots of questions about the rules and academic requirements for a 4-2-4 transfer (from a four-year college to a two-year college, and then transferring to another four-year college). This type of transfer can be useful for various situations, but here are three of the most common: An athlete wants to leave their […]

GoFundMe NOT allowed with NCAA Name, Image and Likeness Policy

We recently learned of student-athletes at an NCAA Division I university who have created GoFundMe pages to openly request donations for their living expenses. This type of solicitation is NOT permitted as part of the NCAA’s new Name, Image and Likeness policy. In fact, the student-athletes described above have received an impermissible benefit and will […]