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NCAA Academic Eligibility – Why is it so important?

Academic Eligibility issues affect student-athletes at all levels from high school, to junior college, and 4-year universities. Not knowing, understanding, and meeting the eligibility rules can have serious short and long-term consequences. Problems meeting the eligibility standards can set back and even derail a student-athlete’s entire athletic career. Academic Eligibility Rules are different at each […]

What is an “NCAA-Certified” Recruiting Service?

Some athletic recruiting services promote themselves as “NCAA-Certified” services. So, what does it mean to be “NCAA-Certified?” The NCAA certifies recruiting services ONLY if they are going to be used by the basketball and football programs at a Division I university. Those two sports can’t use a recruiting or scouting service unless it’s been expressly […]

New NCAA Degree Completion Assistance Program

At the recent NCAA Regional Rules Workshop, NCAA staff announced the rollout of a new Degree Completion Assistance Program for former DI basketball athletes who qualify. Effective August 1, 2019, NCAA Division I athletic programs will be required to provide tuition, fees, and books (but not room and board) for their former men’s and women’s […]

NCAA DI Head Coaching Changes and Impact on an Athlete’s Scholarship Status

An NCAA DI head coaching change frequently results in a change to a student-athlete’s scholarship status. This includes student-athletes who have a four-year “guaranteed” scholarship that can’t be reduced for athletic or medical reasons. In those situations, a new DI head coach is allowed to tell student-athletes they can continue on scholarship until they graduate, […]


NCAA DI One-Time Transfer Exception Notifications

Scholarship student-athletes (in sports other than baseball, basketball, football, and men’s ice hockey) who wish to transfer to an NCAA Division I program and be immediately eligible at their new school must meet two conditions: The athlete must be academically eligible at the school they are transferring from. The athletic department your athlete is leaving […]

NCAA DI Transfer Rule Changes for Immediate Eligibility

The NCAA’s DI transfer rule change will help qualified DI non-scholarship student-athletes to be immediately eligible in their first season at a new university. At the recent NCAA Rules Seminar in Indianapolis, I got additional clarification which I’m sharing in this blog post. Walk-on/Non-recruited Transfer Exceptions An athlete transferring to a Division I university next […]