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NCAA Divisions II and III Cancel Fall Championships

Just hours after the announcement on Wednesday by the NCAA Board of Governors directing the three divisions to “…safeguard student-athlete well-being, scholarships, and eligibility…,” Divisions II and III announced that they are cancelling championships in Fall sports. At the time of that announcement, 11 of the 23 Division II conferences had already announced that they […]

NCAA Division II Proposes Greater Access for Non-Qualifiers

If a student-athlete is classified by the NCAA as a Non-Qualifier (based on their high school academic record and their ACT or SAT score), they are prohibited from competition, practice, and an athletic scholarship in their freshman year. Non-Qualifier status also impacts the academic requirements that a student-athlete must satisfy at a two-year college to […]


NCAA DII Approves Proactive Waivers

The NCAA Division II Administrative Council recently voted to permit D2 student-athletes to retain a season of eligibility during the 2020-21 academic year if their team can only complete 50% or less of the maximum permissible competition in their sport. This is similar to action taken recently by NCAA Division III (noted in our newsletter […]

NCAA DI Allows Virtual Non-Physical Activities to Continue

Due to the unique circumstances that are impacting academic calendars and plans for instruction at universities across the country, NCAA Division I leadership has approved a waiver which will permit D1 coaches to require up to 8 hours per week of virtual non-physical activities from their student-athletes through the Fall semester. Student-athletes who are not […]

NCAA Recruiting Periods Update

The NCAA Division II Administrative Committee voted last week to extend the recruiting Quiet Period for coaches in all Division II sports through August 31. This means that Division II coaches continue to be prohibited from conducting any off-campus recruiting activity through at least the end of August. They are, however, permitted to call, email […]

NCAA Division II Athletes can now use the Transfer Portal

Effective August 1, student-athletes at NCAA Division II programs will no longer need to ask for permission from their university to contact coaches at other colleges about a possible transfer. It has been a somewhat common misconception that all NCAA student-athletes have been able to use the Transfer Portal and that they simply needed to […]

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NCAA DI Scholarship Rule Change to Benefit Athletes

Last week, the NCAA Division I Council approved a very important change to the scholarship calculation rules that may benefit many student-athletes and families. For Division I student-athletes who are or will be receiving an athletic scholarship in their sport, most institutional financial aid awards that are based on need or academic merit will be […]

Should Your Athlete Take a Gap or “Stopout” Year?

In some of our recent newsletters, we’ve been suggesting that athletes and families who are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 may want to skip attending college this Fall semester or this year. Some have expressed concern about their university’s plan for instruction and/or the possible impact on their competitive eligibility if they don’t have […]