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Why Parents of Student-Athletes are Often Confused About NCAA Athletic Scholarships & Financial Aid Agreements

We get many calls and emails from parents of student-athletes asking questions about NCAA scholarships and financial aid agreements.  There’s no doubt about it, athletic scholarship calculations can be hard to understand because of the different types of scholarships and some of the terminology used. Examples of those differences include: Power Five athletic scholarships compared […]

Academic Eligibility Issues for NCAA 4-2-4 Transfers

We’ve recently been receiving a number of questions about the rules and academic requirements for a 4-2-4 transfer (from a four-year college to a two-year college, and then transferring to another four-year college). This type of transfer can be useful for various situations, but here are three of the most common: An athlete wants to […]

Beware of Voluntary Withdrawal Forms!

Most of you by now have probably heard about the NCAA “Transfer Portal” that is utilized by NCAA Division I programs to let other NCAA colleges know of an athlete’s intent to transfer. For NCAA Division II and III programs, however, the use of the Transfer Portal is optional. Also, athletes at those programs will […]

What if I drop this class before my final exams?

If you’re a college athlete who is struggling in a class (or parent of one), you may be thinking about dropping that class before the final exam. Before doing that, there are a number of things that should be considered: Will dropping the class affect my current eligibility right now? (If it drops you below full-time […]