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Will Your High School Athlete be Eligible for NCAA Sports?

Three families recently contacted us because they had just found out that their college freshman athletes aren’t eligible because they didn’t earn 16 “core courses” in high school.  In each of these cases, the athlete had believed or been led to believe that they had enough “core courses” on their high school transcript that would […]

NCAA Name, Image & Likeness Recruiting Violation

In what I think may be the first reported NCAA Infractions Case of its’ type and signals that the NCAA is finally starting to set boundaries for NIL activities and involvement of NIL Collectives: The Florida State University football program was recently penalized for the actions of an assistant football coach in arranging impermissible recruiting […]


NCAA Convention: NIL Proposal Approved to Protect Student-Athletes

The NCAA Division I Council approved a proposal that is intended to provide student-athletes with “protections” related to Name, Image, and Likeness activities. This becomes effective on August 1, 2024. The four elements of this legislation are: If you have any questions, contact our office at 913-766-1235 or send an email to rick@informedathlete.com.

JUCO Student-Athletes’ Eligibility Issues at NCAA Schools

Student-athletes who start their college career at a junior college and plan to transfer on to an NCAA university should be fully aware and informed of their academic eligibility status and what specific academic requirements they must meet as they prepare to move forward. Academic eligibility issues can create delays and roadblocks and if these […]

NCAA DI Transfer Portal Dates

NCAA Division I Transfer Portal Windows for Fall sport athletes: Exceptions to the above listed dates: If you have questions about the steps, rules, and academic requirements for your athlete to be eligible at a new university as a transferring athlete, schedule a confidential Transfer Consult online or call 913-766-1235 for more information.

NCAA Football NLI Signing Dates

An NCAA National Letter of Intent signing opportunity for high school or junior college football recruits opens on December 20. For high school or junior college recruits offered a scholarship by an NCAA Division I football program (FBS or FCS) and planning to enroll next Fall, the first NLI signing opportunity is only available for […]

Medical Hardship Waivers – What You Should Know

If your student-athlete becomes injured or ill to the point they won’t be able to continue competing during the season, it is possible to receive a Medical Hardship Waiver to get a season of competition “over again.” This includes: There are specific conditions and restrictions that apply for these types of waivers, and they vary between […]

Speaking of NCAA DI Official Visit Rules

For Division II programs, all sports can provide a recruit with an official visit beginning June 15 preceding the recruit’s junior year of high school. If you have questions about the NCAA recruiting rules and want to discuss your athlete’s particular situation, we can help with a confidential Recruiting Rules consultation. During the consult, we’ll answer […]