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So, your student-athlete isn’t academically eligible at their NCAA school this year…

If your student-athlete has been told that they won’t be academically eligible at their NCAA school this year or this semester and you don’t know what to do, Informed Athlete can help.  We’ll discuss the situation with you to advise possible options that your student-athlete may be able to consider. Possible options – which can […]


Valuable Advice for Student-Athletes Being Recruited by Multiple DI Programs

If a prospective student-athlete is being recruited by multiple Division I athletic programs and has an opportunity to “negotiate” for a multiyear scholarship from School A compared to a one-year renewable scholarship from School B, they should consider doing so. The reason is that Division I schools are very limited in the reasons that they […]


July 1st Scholarship Notification Deadline for NCAA DI & DII Scholarship Athletes

All current NCAA Division I student-athletes who are on a year-to-year scholarship and all NCAA Division II scholarship student-athletes are to be notified no later than July 1 whether their scholarship is being reduced or not renewed for the upcoming year. Note that Division I athletes on a multiyear scholarship may not receive notice of […]