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NCAA Division I Coaches “On the Road Again”

Effective June 1, all NCAA Division I sports programs will return to their regular recruiting calendars. This means that each sport will be able to conduct off-campus recruiting during permissible Evaluation or Contact Periods. As you can imagine, this has many Division I coaches excited to be “on the road again” (to quote Willie Nelson!!). […]

Can You Trust a Coach’s Scholarship Offer?

We often hear college athletes and parents tell us that their coach isn’t honoring their promise of a “guaranteed” scholarship or an increasing scholarship that was given by the coach when the athlete was being recruited. Furthermore, we also hear too frequently that a coach will tell an athlete: “I need to reduce your scholarship […]


NCAA DI Ratifies New Transfer Rule

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors recently ratified and made official the new One-Time Transfer Rule. As a result, any four-year college athlete – even a full scholarship athlete in the sports of baseball, basketball, football or men’s ice hockey – will have the opportunity to be eligible in their first year as a […]

ACC Removes Intra-Conference Transfer Rule

The Atlantic Coast Conference recently announced that they are eliminating the league’s intra-conference transfer rule. This means that while the standard NCAA DI transfer rules still apply to athletes who transfer to a Division I university, ACC athletes who transfer to another ACC school are no longer bound by additional conference restrictions. Those Conference restrictions […]