Can an Athlete Double-sign with a JUCO and an NCAA University?

It IS possible for a recruit to sign both an NJCAA Letter of Intent with a junior college and also sign an NCAA National Letter of Intent with an NCAA Division I or II university.

Baseball and Football are the two most common sports where an athlete double-signs.

For baseball, an athlete may sign with both organizations if they want the option to go to junior college for just one year in hopes of then being drafted in the Major League Baseball draft and signing a professional contract. (Baseball players who enroll at a four-year college normally can’t be drafted until after their 3rd year of college unless they have an early birthday.)

For football, it has been somewhat common over the years to see an athlete sign with both an NCAA university and a Junior College program when the family isn’t sure whether the athlete will satisfy the NCAA academic requirements to be eligible as a freshman. The junior college the athlete signs with can then be their “Plan B” to play right away while getting bigger and stronger and then having the chance to be “re-recruited” from the junior college to an NCAA football program.

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