Changes to NCAA DI Campus Visit Rules

Official visits can now be offered by most NCAA Division I sports programs to high school juniors graduating in 2020.

The only Division I sports that can’t yet offer official visits to 2020 high school graduates include:

  • Men’s basketball (not until January 1 of the recruit’s junior year),
  • Women’s basketball (not until the Thursday after the Women’s Final Four), and
  • Football (not until April 1 of the junior year).

For unofficial visits, high school athletes in all Division I sports (other than basketball and football) are not allowed to participate in a campus visit that includes involvement by the athletic department until after September 1 of their junior year.

Previously, there were no restrictions on when an athlete could make an unofficial visit (even as early as 7th or 8th grade) to meet with the coaches or tour athletic facilities.

  • Women’s basketball and football still have no restrictions on the first opportunity for an unofficial visit to a Division I campus.
  • Men’s basketball recruits can’t take an unofficial visit before August 1 at the start of the sophomore year of high school.

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