Parents: Don’t Let Your College Athlete Withdraw from Classes Without This Info!

Many colleges have already started classes for the Fall semester or quarter, but there are others that don’t start classes until next week after Labor Day.

A question that we often receive this time of year is whether a college athlete can withdraw from classes without a “penalty.”  They might wish to do this because of second thoughts about their college choice, or due to injury or illness.

If your college athlete has already started attending their classes this Fall as a full-time enrolled student, withdrawing from their classes will, in most cases, negatively impact their eligibility now, and also in the future at their current college or at a new college that they may transfer to. 

Encourage them to finish the semester or quarter before they withdraw or transfer to another college so that they don’t lose their credits for this term.

If your college athlete is considering withdrawing from their classes due to injury, illness, or significant anxiety or mental health issues, we recommend that you ask their college for a “medical withdrawal” status if they choose to withdraw from classes. 

Such status may be helpful in their future eligibility as it might allow them to prorate the number of credit hours they will need to be eligible for competition.  The college may require medical documentation so check with your specific college for their requirements.

To discuss a potential withdrawal situation and how it could impact your college athlete, contact us at 913-766-1235 or e-mail  

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