How Competing on a College Club Team Affects NCAA Eligibility

An athlete who plays on a college club team and later joins an NCAA intercollegiate team will be charged with a season of eligibility if their school has a varsity intercollegiate team in the same sport.


Here’s are two examples:

Let’s say that an athlete competes for a club softball team at a major university that also sponsors an NCAA D1 softball team. After a year or two at that university, the athlete chooses to transfer to a D2 or D3 college to join their NCAA softball team.

  • The NCAA will charge the athlete with using a season of eligibility for any season(s) played for the club (or a JV team) at the D1 university.
  • This will also be true if a basketball athlete first competed on their Junior College JV team but then transferred to an NCAA D3 program.

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