Do Athletic Scholarship & Financial Aid Rules Make Your Head Spin?

Every day we get questions about athletic scholarships. It’s obvious that there’s a lot of confusion about the rules surrounding athletic scholarships and financial aid.

Some of the most commonly misunderstood facts about athletic scholarships are:

  • An athletic scholarship is valid ONLY at the school that awarded it. Scholarships are not transferable from one school to another.
  • Verbal promises from a coach are not always honored and are not legally binding.
  • The National Letter of Intent is not the same as an athletic scholarship agreement. They are 2 separate documents.
  • Athletic Scholarships are not all for 4 years or full scholarships.
  • Rules about athletic scholarships are not the same at all college levels. In fact, the rules differ between junior college, NAIA, and even within NCAA divisions and within conferences and schools themselves.

Common Questions we Receive:

Can a coach take away my athletic scholarship during the school year?

At an NCAA school, a coach can only take away an athletic scholarship for specific, limited reasons including academic ineligibility, student misconduct, violation of team rules or voluntary withdrawal from the team.

At NAIA or Junior Colleges, the rules are not clearly defined. And what’s worse is that they may not require an appeal opportunity as the NCAA rules do.

Can I receive a combination of athletic and academic scholarships?

Yes, however, you should check directly with the compliance department of your athletic department to avoid possible financial aid limitations. For more information, read our blog article: “Outside Source” Scholarships – What you should know. 

Do You Have Questions?

As I stated earlier, there’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about college athletic scholarships and financial aid and how it all works together.

In a confidential phone or Skype consult, we will explain how your student-athlete could be impacted in various situations. We will also advise your student-athlete’s rights if the coach reduces or doesn’t renew their scholarship for the next year.

ALL information shared is private and confidential – nothing is shared with schools, coaches, etc. unless you specifically ask Rick to contact someone for info on your behalf.

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