COVID-19: Possibility of 6th Year of Eligibility for NCAA and NAIA Athletes

NCAA Division I and the NAIA are automatically granting an additional year or two semesters to any spring sport athlete due to COVID-19, as long as that athlete was on a roster and academically eligible for competition this spring.

NCAA Division II is only granting additional eligibility “automatically” for spring sport athletes who were already in their 10th semester or 15th quarter of their eligibility “clock.”

However, other Division II spring sport athletes also may be able to receive an additional year of eligibility as well.

As examples:

  • An athlete who redshirted in their freshman year and then missed this season due to COVID-19 may be able to receive a 6th year.
  • An athlete who missed last season due to injury before also having this season cancelled may also be able to receive a 6th year.

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