A Few Words from our Professional Partners

We are honored to have professional partners who are client-focused and share core values that align with ours. Here is what a few of them say about Informed Athlete:

Perfect Game

“I have known Rick Allen for a long time and respect him a lot. He is an absolute expert in his field. When it comes to NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules and regulations, he’s as good as it gets.”

JERRY FORD, Founder/President, Perfect Game®

Study & Play

“I have personally known Rick Allen from Informed Athlete for over 15 years when he was the compliance officer at my US University during my time as a student-athlete.

Rick has been advising my company Study & Play USA and our clients for over 10 years and we cannot recommend his services enough. Not only is Rick professional in his dealings with us and our clients, his knowledge of the US Collegiate governing bodies is second to none.

I say with certainty that through his expertise and eligibility advice, Rick has assisted in maximizing our client’s eligibility and in turn helped give them opportunity of a lifetime to study and compete at US Universities.

The rules of the NCAA and NAIA are so complex and fraught with danger for future student athletes who do not know how to navigate the system. Our advice for prospective student athletes and their families is that you cannot afford to not use Informed Athlete. You only do this process once and you want to make sure you have someone knowledgeable, ethical and professional in your corner and Rick Allen and the team at Informed Athlete is all of these things.”

CHRIS BATES, Founder & Talent Director, Study and Play USA

“I have known Rick Allen for more than ten years dating back to his time on campus as an athletics administrator. As legal counsel, I have had the pleasure of working with Rick in representing athletes and families with questions relating to NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules and regulations.

He is a trusted advisor to athletes and their families during difficult and trying times including transfers, financial aid appeals, and many other regulatory matters. He provides excellent advice and easily and calmly navigates through complex NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules and regulations. I recommend Rick to anyone in need of assistance in addressing a complex athletics matter.”

CHRISTIAN DENNIE, Partner at Barlow Garsek & Simon LLP


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