Exit Meeting Advice from a Former NCAA DI Athlete

As spring sport seasons wind down, a hot topic among players and parents is what will be discussed in the Exit Meeting with the coaching staff.

What happens in an Exit Meeting?

An Exit meeting is the time where each player meets with the coaching staff (in my experience, the head coach, but may differ for other teams) to summarize the year as well as give an overall outlook at the individual’s future with the program moving forward.

For some players, the exit meetings may be nothing but a mere formality, a simple goodbye to the coach and see you next fall.

But for others, the exit meeting may be a major factor in what a young player, and his/her family wants to do for the upcoming school year.

Preparing for an Exit Meeting

In approaching these meetings, there are many different questions that should be asked depending on the situation that a particular student-athlete is in (freshman vs. junior, pitcher vs. position player, and starter vs. bench player).

I strongly recommend that each athlete should make sure there are no unknowns left on the table at the conclusion of their exit meeting. Speaking as an athlete who did not get all questions clarified, and paid for it later, I believe this is the overall priority with each exit meeting.

Questions to Ask in an Exit Meeting

As a former student-athlete, I know that all of us have many questions regarding what our future holds at a particular university.

  • Do I still have a chance to contribute?
  • Is there any chance I could be cut at fall semester?
  • Will my scholarship be renewed for the coming year?

There are many uncertainties that each player has. There could even be some uncertainties within the coaching staff that may keep them from providing answers to a player or parent’s satisfaction.

Best-Possible Outcome from an Exit Meeting

At the end of the day, each athlete wants to receive an honest and thorough evaluation to give them the best opportunity at success. By getting as many questions answered as possible, the student-athlete puts him/herself in a better position to make an informed decision about their future.

Do you need advice?

If you or your student-athlete needs assistance preparing for their exit meeting or would like to discuss options if the exit meeting doesn’t go as hoped, give us a call at 913-766-1235 or send an email to rick@informedathete.com to schedule a confidential consultation.