Important NEW NCAA Eligibility Requirements

If you’re a 2016 high school grad or younger (or the parent or coach of one), are you on track to be eligible for competition as a freshman at an NCAA Division I program? 

Will you be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship and travel with your team, even if you plan to redshirt as a freshman to get bigger and stronger?

The NCAA has revised the academic requirements that incoming athletes must satisfy to be eligible to compete during the freshman year – effective for athletes who will be enrolling at an NCAA Division I university on or after August 1, 2016.

In addition to the required 16 “core courses:

The new NCAA requirements call for a strict timeline of when those core courses must be completed, in addition to increasing the required GPA on those core courses.

I mentioned the term “redshirt” near the beginning of this article, but if you don’t meet the new NCAA requirements, you may be forced into the category of an “Academic Redshirt” as a freshman and be limited in your opportunities in your first year at a Division program.

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