Is Your Student-Athlete Considering a Midyear Transfer?

Transferring to another school at any time of the year has its challenges. However, midyear transfers to a new university can be especially difficult because a student-athlete often has a short window of time to find a new school and then get enrolled for classes that start in January.

  • In addition, there can be specific rules that determine whether or not a mid-year transfer athlete will have immediate eligibility.
  • And there are also specific academic requirements that the student-athlete must satisfy in the Fall to order to be eligible to compete in the Spring.

Before your student-athlete takes action, make sure they know where they stand and what options they have so they don’t make mistakes that could cause them to lose eligibility or add a financial burden to the family. As an example, an NCAA Division I student-athlete entering the Transfer Portal could possibly lose their scholarship at midyear.

If you or your athlete have questions about a transfer situation and want to know all of the steps and rules involved, schedule a confidential Transfer Consult session online, send and email to or call 913-766-1235.