JUCO Student-Athletes’ Eligibility Issues at NCAA Schools

Student-athletes who start their college career at a junior college and plan to transfer on to an NCAA university should be fully aware and informed of their academic eligibility status and what specific academic requirements they must meet as they prepare to move forward.

Academic eligibility issues can create delays and roadblocks and if these issues aren’t discovered until AFTER the JUCO transfer has already started attending classes at their NCAA university, the athlete won’t be eligible to compete during their first year of attendance.

Knowing your eligibility status ahead of time can allow a student-athlete to make the adjustments that are needed to avoid disappointment and possibly financial problems down the road.

Some of the types of things than can derail a JUCO athlete’s athletic and academic career and ends up costing them personally and financially include the following:

  • Was the junior college student-athlete a “qualifier” or a “non-qualifier” (as defined by the NCAA) based on their high school academic record? The answer to this will affect
    what a transfer athlete must achieve academically during their time at a junior college to be eligible to compete in their first year at an NCAA university.
  • How many semesters did the junior college student-athlete attend the junior college as a full-time student? (It can be a good thing to take a part-time course load at a junior college in some situations.)
  • Was the junior college student-athlete required to earn their Associates Degree to be academically eligible upon transfer to an NCAA university?

If you are a junior college transfer athlete (or parent of one) and you are uncertain about your NCAA academic eligibility status, Informed Athlete can help.

Schedule a confidential phone or Zoom Transfer consultation online to discuss your student-athlete’s specific situation and learn what options are available to consider.

We also can provide a personalized College Transcript Review to make sure your athlete is on the right track or needs to fulfill other requirements in order to be eligible when they transfer.

Contact Rick Allen at rick@informedathlete.com or call our office at 913-766-1235 if you have questions about these or other services that we offer.