July 1st NCAA Scholarship Notification Deadline

NCAA Division I and II student-athletes who were on scholarship this past year should be notified no later than July 1 about the status of their scholarship for the upcoming year.

Once in a while we hear from student-athletes or parents that they didn’t receive a notification that their scholarship was being reduced or non-renewed because the official notification was sent to an old inactive email address or mailed to a physical address where the family no longer resides.

To avoid a delay in notification, confirm that your most current contact info is on file with the Office of Financial Aid.

Not receiving official notification in a timely manner could mean that your student-athlete doesn’t receive information about their right to an appeal hearing and result in missing their deadline to request an appeal.

If your student-athlete’s scholarship is being reduced or not renewed for this next year and you want information and assistance regarding a possible appeal, schedule a confidential Waivers and Appeals consult online or contact us at rick@informedathlete.com or at 913-766-1235.