Medical Hardship Waivers – What You Should Know!

We’ve been receiving many calls recently with questions about the rules for a “medical redshirt” or what is officially called a Medical Hardship Waiver.

Many spring sports are quickly approaching the midpoint of their season. For an athlete to qualify for a Medical Hardship Waiver, one of the rules is that the injury or illness must have occurred prior to the first game of the second half of their season. Also, the injury must be medically documented to be “season-ending.”

It’s very important that an athlete see a doctor sooner than later when they are injured or ill.

For example, let’s say that an athlete is injured before the midpoint of their season but doesn’t get to the doctor for an evaluation (x-ray, MRI, etc) until they are two or three weeks PAST the midpoint of the season. Waiting that long to see a doctor may jeopardize their chances that a Medical Hardship Waiver is approved.

Injured or ill athletes who are concerned that their condition might be serious enough to be “season-ending” in nature, should see a doctor as soon as possible rather than waiting to hope the condition improves. Waiting may cost them a chance to receive a Medical Hardship Waiver.

Do you have questions?

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