Changes to NCAA Transfer Eligibility

There have obviously been many changes to the NCAA transfer rules over the past few years. Many followers of our service remember that under previous transfer rules, athletes in most cases were required to serve a “year in residence” at their new university if the athlete was transferring a 2nd time to a third four-year university.

But under recent rule changes, athletes will have the chance to be immediately eligible at their new four-year university as long as they are meeting the academic requirements to be eligible – regardless of how many times they have previously transferred.

However, if a transferring athlete does not meet academic requirements to be immediately eligible at their new university it will be possible for them to regain their eligibility after one term of full-time attendance at their university.

In that case, the athlete will need to work closely with academic advisors at the new university to make up any deficiency in their academic status before the start of their second term of attendance at the university.

Do You Have Questions?

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