College Athletes: Considering a Transfer?

If you’re a four-year college athlete (or the parent of one) considering a transfer to another school, are you properly prepared to approach your coach and know what to expect?  Are you confident that you know what to say, and more importantly, what NOT to say?

In our CONFIDENTIAL Consultation, we’ll guide you through all the steps, and inform you of the rules and academic requirements to give you the best opportunity to be immediately eligible at the next university. We’ll also inform you of your rights if your coach tries to block your transfer or places limits on the other universities that you can contact.

If you need guidance in navigating the steps to a successful transfer, contact us at 913-766-1235 or send an email to

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  1. Rick Allen
    Rick Allen says:

    Hi James,
    It will be possible for your son to compete for two seasons after he serves his “year in residency” at a Division I university. Contact me directly at if you’re interested in more detailed information regarding his eligibility.

  2. James
    James says:

    My son has played college soccer for two seasons at a D2 school and is in the process of transferring to a D1 school. The current school will not release him. He has followed the parodical and all three steps he has been denied. I have looked everywhere on line to find out what happens next and can’t find any clarification. Does he have to sit out a year does he loss a year of eligibility? He does not want scholarship money he just want to play the game he loves. His grades are above a 3.0 and has not had any trouble at his current institution. I would appreciate any clarification. Thanks James

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