Update on Court Injunction Regarding NCAA DI Transfers

The NCAA recently provided updated guidance regarding the December 2023 court injunction that is in place regarding the Division I transfer rules.

The court injunction:

  • Currently prevents the NCAA from enforcing their “year in residence” requirement for any athlete who is transferring a second time to a 3rd Division I program.
  • Permits any Division I athlete who is currently serving a “year in residence” at a Division I university to be immediately eligible for competition.

The recent updated guidance from the NCAA indicates that:

  • Student-athletes who transfer to a Division I university for the 2024-25 academic year will be able to be immediately eligible, even if the normal application of the “year in residence” requirement would prevent them from being eligible.

However, those athletes will still need to satisfy other transfer eligibility requirements, such as needing to be academically eligible at the time that they depart their previous university to be eligible in their first year at a new university.

Here are two key reminders about this court injunction:

  • Student-athletes who are transferring from a four-year university for the first time should not need to worry about this court injunction. As long as you satisfy the “One-Time Transfer Exception” you will be allowed to be immediately eligible next year.
  • This court injunction only applies to the Division I transfer rules, not those of Division II or III.

Do you have questions?

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