Recent news of NCAA Division I football coaches being fired, as well as two NCAA D1 women’s basketball coaches being let go just this week reminds us to let you know about the Division I rule for an athletic scholarship after the departure of a head coach.

In that situation, it often happens that a new coach will cut players from the team or will tell them that “you can continue on the team, but don’t expect to get much playing time” in an effort to coerce them to transfer.

For an athlete who may want to stay at the same school on scholarship to finish their degree and graduate from that university, there is a new rule that allows them to stay on scholarship the following year(s) and that scholarship will not count against team limits.

HOWEVER, the downside to this new rule is that for the scholarship to NOT count against team limits, the athlete must give up participation in their sport.

If you know an NCAA Division I student-athlete whose coach has been fired and they have not been informed about this new rule by their university, encourage them to contact us for a consultation.  They can send an email to or call us at 913-766-1235.