NCAA Division I Coaches Can Now Call & Text Message 2018 HS Grads*

NCAA Division I coaches in almost all sports can place recruiting phone calls and send text messages to HS juniors beginning September 1st!!  

*The only exceptions to the September 1st start date are football coaches, who can begin to call HS seniors, but not juniors, and swimming/diving coaches who must wait until next July 1 to call 2018 grads.

In addition, NCAA Division I coaches can also now send e-mails, text messages, and other “electronic correspondence” (such as Facebook private messages) to prospects who are HS juniors. 

If your athlete is in the HS class of 2018, they should get their e-mails, texts, and instant messages ready to send to coaches at those NCAA Division I programs that they’re interested in.  They’ll quickly learn which schools are interested  by the responses that they receive.

NCAA Division I men’s basketball coaches and men’s ice hockey coaches have already had the opportunity to call and message prospects in the class of 2018.

Informed Athlete advises prospects and parents on the key things to include in e-mails and other correspondence to coaches.  If you’d like to discuss these points, or have us review and edit e-mails that you’re athlete is planning to send, contact us at or 913-766-1235.

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