NCAA Division I & II Year-in-Residency Transfer Rule Changes

Both NCAA Division I and II governing boards recently took action to eliminate the “year in residence” requirement for student-athletes who transfer more than one time between four-year universities. This is a rule that had been in place for many years.

The Division I and DII Councils unanimously adopted a rule change that will permit a student-athlete transferring from a four-year university to an NCAA DI or DII institution to be immediately eligible regardless of how many times the athlete may have transferred previously. This rule change has been ratified by both Division I and Division II Board of Directors and is now effective.

In order for a NCAA DI student-athlete to be eligible:

  • The student-athlete must be in good academic standing at their time of transfer and the university they are leaving must be able to indicate that the athlete would be eligible if they were staying at that university rather than transferring.
  • This includes the requirement to earn at least 6 academic credits each semester, at least 18 hours during the regular academic year, and satisfy the “percentage of degree completion” requirement.

For a NCAA DII student-athlete to be eligible:

  • The key academic requirement is that an athlete must be earning at least 9 credit hours each semester to be eligible the following semester.

If an athlete is not academically eligible for their very first term of attendance at their new university under this new rule, they will have the opportunity to regain eligibility after they have completed one term of full-time enrollment and have satisfied all academic eligibility requirements.

For both Divisions I and II:

One exception is that Division I baseball athletes who are not eligible at the start of the Fall term will not be eligible until the following academic year.

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