NCAA DI & II Football Spring Recruiting Periods

NCAA Division I and II football coaches will be “hitting the road” to visit high schools and junior colleges to evaluate prospects during the Spring recruiting period which started on April 15 and continues through May 31.

Evaluation Days – How many are allowed?

Division I programs are allowed up to 168 “evaluation days” selected at each coaching staff’s discretion, with each day that a coach is conducting off-campus evaluation counting as one “evaluation day.” So, seven coaches from an FBS or FCS program doing off-campus evaluation on the same day will count as using seven of their 168 “evaluation days.”

Recruiting Calls – How many are allowed?

Division I coaching staffs are permitted to make one recruiting phone call to a high school junior during this period, in addition to being able to call high school seniors not more than once per week.

When can coaches evaluate prospects?

Division II coaching staffs choose four weeks out of the six between April 15 to May 31 to evaluate prospects at high schools or junior colleges. They are permitted unlimited phone calls to high school junior or seniors.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about the recruiting rules, contact us at 913-766-1235 or via e-mail at