NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Recruits now have more Official Visit Opportunities

NCAA DI men’s basketball recruits now have more opportunities to make official visits to NCAA Division I campuses.

In response to recommendations from the NCAA’s Commission on College Basketball, basketball prospects being recruited by Division I programs are now allowed to take up to five official visits during their junior year of high school, and then can take another five official visits starting once their junior year of high school has concluded.

This is the only NCAA sport that permits more than five official visits to Division I campuses.

Furthermore, a basketball prospect can make a repeat official visit to a campus during their senior year even if they already visited that same campus as a high school junior.

No other NCAA sport allows more than one official visit to a particular university.

In those situations where a basketball prospect chooses to delay their college enrollment, OR chooses to start at a junior college with the goal of then being recruited to a Division I program, an additional five official visits is permissible beginning on October 15 following a prospect’s high school graduation.

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