NCAA DI Transfer Waiver Postponed

In recent months, there had been building anticipation that the NCAA may grant a one-time transfer opportunity to scholarship athletes in the Division I sports of baseball, basketball, football and men’s ice hockey.

The current Division I transfer rules prohibit immediate eligibility at a new Division I school when a scholarship athlete in those five sports transfers. However, comments by the Transfer Waiver Working Group led many of us to believe that a Transfer Waiver might be approved to help those athletes have immediate eligibility upon transfer to a new university.

Unfortunately, due to pressure from the NCAA Division I Board of Directors, action was recenlty taken to postpone any action on Division I transfer rule changes until the next NCAA Convention in January 2021.

As a result, any athlete in baseball, basketball, football or men’s ice hockey who is receiving or has received at any point an athletic scholarship from their current university, will be required to serve a “year in residence” at their new Division I university before they can be eligible for competition.

There are still NCAA waivers possible for transferring athletes to become eligible in their first year at their new university, but those waivers are received for particular situations when documentation supports a reason for transfer that is outside the control of the student-athlete.

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