NCAA DI Winter Sport Transfer Portal Dates

As Winter sports are winding down, here are the opening and closing Transfer Portal dates for NCAA Division I Winter sport athletes:

Men’s Basketball: March 18-May 1
Women’s Basketball: March 18-May 1
Women’s Bowling: April 3-May 17
Fencing: March 19-May 2
Men’s Gymnastics: April 16-May 30
Women’s Gymnastics: April 1-May 15
Men’s Ice Hockey: March 31-May 14
Women’s Ice Hockey: March 17-April 30
Rifle: Feb. 26-April 10
Skiing: March 5-April 18
Men’s Swimming/Diving: March 20-May 3
Women’s Swimming/Diving: March 13-April 26
Indoor Track and Field: March 5-April 18
Men’s Wrestling: March 20-May 3


  • There are exceptions for Division I student-athletes who will be transferring as a postgraduate student and for those who are transferring as a non-scholarship athlete.
  • There is also a 30-day Transfer Window available for Division I student-athletes immediately following their coach being fired, retiring, or leaving to take another job.

Do you have questions?

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