NCAA DIII Applies Blanket Waiver for Spring Sport Athletes

There are a couple of unique aspects of NCAA Division III’s granting of an automatic or blanket waiver for spring sport athletes that we want to share with you.

The way that NCAA Division III is applying their “blanket waiver” for spring sport athletes due to COVID-19 is that – in effect – the 2020 spring semester “didn’t happen.”

In other words, a Division III spring sport athlete will not be charged with a season of participation during this academic year AND will not be considered to have used one of their 10 semesters (or 15 quarters) of full-time enrollment.

In addition, for those Division III colleges that conduct their conference golf or tennis season in the Fall, those student-athletes will still be able to benefit from the Division III blanket waiver. This is because golf and tennis are officially considered spring sports by the NCAA, even though some conferences conduct those two sport seasons in the Fall.

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