NCAA Grants Division I Football Programs Special On-Campus Tryout Opportunity

In combination with the June 1st resumption of Division I recruiting activities, football recruits will have an opportunity to participate in a tryout when visiting a Division I campus from June 1 to 27.

In “normal” times, Basketball is the only Division I sport in which an on-campus tryout is permissible.

However, Division I Football Programs have been granted a special waiver this year that will permit them to have recruits participate in on-campus tryouts.

During an unofficial visit to a Division I campus in June (until June 27), coaches will be allowed to put recruits through a tryout that can’t exceed one hour.

Other conditions for these tryouts include:

  • A medical exam or evaluation will be required before the tryout can occur.
  • All tryout activities must be non-contact and no protective equipment may be worn by the recruit.
  • The university is not permitted to provide practice equipment or apparel for the tryout.

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