NCAA Legislative Relief Waivers Help Student-Athletes

An NCAA Legislative Relief Waiver is used to grant relief from the standard rules imposed in a particular situation.

An For example, when a student-athlete transfers a second time between four-year colleges, their options for immediate eligibility are limited.

In most cases the student-athlete will need to serve a “year in residence” and won’t be eligible to compete during their first year when they transfer to a third four-year college.

In this case, a Relief Waiver is an option that, if approved, could be used to grant relief to the student-athlete from needing to serve a year in residence.

Common reasons that a student-athlete needs a waiver as a 4-4-4 transfer include:

  • The athlete moved home to save money and didn’t consider the athletic reasons for their transfer
  • The athlete wants to improve their grades while they consider where they will transfer next for an athletic opportunity.

We routinely draft eligibility waivers for student-athletes so their schools can submit the documents to the NCAA in an effort to gain eligibility, whether as a 4-4-4 transfer or for other transfer situations.

If you are a student-athlete (or a parent) and would like to how an NCAA Legislative Relief Waiver could possibly help in your particular situation, you can schedule a confidential consultation session online or call us directly at 913-766-1235.