“Outside Source” Scholarships – What You Should Know

NCAA Division I and Division II Student-Athletes who receive notice that they have been awarded an “outside source” scholarship, should inform the compliance office at their university to avoid possible financial aid violations.

Here’s why:

New this year for NCAA Division I – Athletes receiving scholarships from “outside sources” may be limited to accepting no more than $1000 during an academic year, depending on the various criteria for selected scholarships.

Student-athletes who are already receiving a full scholarship from their university may be prohibited from accepting the scholarship (or may need to have other scholarships adjusted) so that they don’t receive more than their university’s “cost of attendance.”

What are Outside Source Scholarships?

Outside Source Scholarships can include those from local civic clubs, local high school booster clubs, mom or dad’s employer, corporate or philanthropic entities, and associations.

In most cases, there won’t be negative consequences for receiving such a scholarship, but it’s important to have everything verified and confirmed to avoid problems.

Do you Have Questions?

To learn more about scholarships in general, go to How we Help/Scholarship Issues.

For questions specific to your situation regarding combining athletic scholarships with outside source scholarships, schedule a scholarship strategies consult online or send an email to rick@informedathlete.com